May 15, 2010
By , San Mateo, CA
They break a family.
I know.
One dark piece of knowledge can
Moments of happiness.

A smile wiped clean off her face.
I've been bad.
I know.
This long kept sliver of my past,
A mistake,
My mistake.
The actions have consequences and
I didn't think that--
I'm sorry this affects you.

Her distant facade stares off, I wonder
What she is thinking, and
I know
That she is thinking what,
Just what is it
That is being hidden from her.

Do you tell me everything?
Do you tell her everything?
I'm sorry.

Her distance grows further,
And it upsets me.
She knows
I'm hiding, evading, but I
Can't let her know.
I am afraid, that the respect
She has for me will fade
But in time, my Love,
In time.

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