May 12, 2010
you cheater you lier you heart and back staber i thought i could trust you but i guess it was in my mind to really think you were this kind your reputation sould have sayed it all how you would pick up my heart and then let it fall you jerk i hate you i hate your soul you hurt me deeper than anyone ever has i loved you you were my air i breathed and needed but i guess u dident feel the same way i guess im just a tool for you to use mabye one day when you see my cry or see my eyes full of tears that you put there you still wouldent understand you dont want to understand how it feels to be in love you just want to get a girl to love you and then to leave you why why did you hurt me im crying right now im bleeding right now my arms now will have scars thanks to you so thank you thank you for all the pain a suffering you put me through i hope your happy you lier you heart and back staber you CHEATER

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