Invisible Tears

May 12, 2010
By EmmaReynolds SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
EmmaReynolds SILVER, Delafield, Wisconsin
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Every so often,
You walk in the halls.
See that new kid,
And brush past them.

Kind of like they don’t exist,
You don’t know them.
Why should you care?
So you carry on.

You meet with your friends,
In the morning and lunch,
After school and at sports,
To catch up on the day.

But that new kid,
They hurry by.
So they don’t have to see,
Any wandering eyes.

They’re always alone,
No one to talk to.
Never a laugh,
Never a smile.

Little do you know,
They struggle inside.
They’re stressed about school,
With three jobs on the side.

Their father may have walked out,
Their dog may have just died.
They may do bad in school,
Or have no one to confide.

Next time you want to judge,
Just think what they may face.
Cause you never know,
What’s going on in their life.

We may not take the effort,
Because it might be “uncool”.
Little do you know,
You might stop someone’s hurt.

Their tears may be invisible,
Their pain may not show.
But until you stop ignoring,
There’s always more to know.

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