May 12, 2010
There's this darkness that's all over and around me. There's a never ending silence that freezes her in place. She is all alone crying and shivering from the feeling. But what is that which she is feeling? What could possibly make her be this way? I'll tell you what it is but you must keep this secret within your soul and take it with you to your grave. She that lovely child is loanly, Yes loanly without a friend in the world. She wish to leave that dark place and go to the light, but the dark has a firm grip on her slender and delicate shoulders and refuses to let her go. She cries her heart out and wish for something anythin even the simplest touch to free her and hold her. To tell her they are there for her and that everything will be alright. But, no one comes she's all alone crying and crying and hopeing that one day someone anyone will come for her and say "You are not loanly anymore because I am here for you to kiss that feeling away and never let it enter your sweet and delicate heart again." That girl is me.

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