the end

May 12, 2010
Searching all this time wondering if my mind is out there. Using problems in the world to send it further away. What have I been doing to myself? Following the crowd. When will I make my own decisions? Smoking, stealing, fighting to fit in. for what? Trying to be a man, but I has made me more of a kid. When will I learn? I know I am doing the wrong thing. I got in to my first fight almost killing a guy just because I want to be in a gang. Fighting my whole life trying to find the real me. Me still don’t exist. I was a shadow following. Like a dog and a treat. Soon I wondered I still can’t find me. Tried different things but me still not found. I ask why you are doing this to me. I blamed everyone else but I was asking why I am I doing this to myself. I fought all this time and I started a puzzle putting myself together. I have found the new me. Music defines it all. music is my life. My life continues. Reminds me of a game. Reminds me of the movie saw. Maybe god is putting me trough a course of life so I can see what life is about truly. I am now ready for the game. I am thankful

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