May 12, 2010
I hate {procrastination}
because I gain no {information} and instead
I spend my time {chasing}
something that ain’t worth {wasting}
my mind on.
I need to get my {grind on}, not waste my {time on}, something that will not {prolong},
my successes.
Can anybody hear {me} or even understand {me?}
Well if you can’t, look listen and {see} so you can understand the {unseen}
instead of being that guy under the streetlight {beam} begging for change, ringing a bell. {Ding, Ding, Ding}.
Let this {ding} be your wake up call and stop {procrastinating.}
Worry about the career your {making} so you can be an {inspiration.}
{One day.}
Yes one day, make this one day go {your way} because this one day is a blessing in disguise.
Some did not get to see this one day and now rest in {the sky.}
They did not choose to {die} but it was their time, I {guess.}
So this is what I wish to {stress,} let me get this one question off my {chest.}
When your day comes, will you be remembered as a {lazy procrastinator?}
Or will you be remembered as that person who put {priorities first and partying later?}

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