Suicides cry

May 15, 2010
By Abbandoned SILVER, Auburn, Nebraska
Abbandoned SILVER, Auburn, Nebraska
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As i walk into the dark, my candle burns
When i am alone in the night, the flame shines
the dripping begins to sound, as the candle dwindles
the redness of life seeps out, as the flame shrinks
i hate to sit down, the dizziness wants me to fall
out of breath, thats different
the candles almost out, why is that happening?
i dont want it to die, im afraid of the dark
the lonely feeling, the abandonment
the hatred has caused this
my eyes begin to burn, as the world begins to turn
the candle goes out, as the blood spills about
i cry into the night, wishing with all my might
for the light, to burn oh so bright
the dark swallows me, as i cry silently
the bloods gone, and so is my light
i close my eyes slowly, as i spend eternity
with my brightly shining light

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