Mothers day

May 15, 2010
By joannielovesyou SILVER, Verdun, Other
joannielovesyou SILVER, Verdun, Other
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a mothers love
so strong and true
there through out the years
through the rough edges of life
and moments our hearts keep close
without a mothers love, i wouldn't know what true love feels like
sometimes our eyes meet one another
in anger and fear
fear of losing the only one we have
which is each other
behind all those arguments, our hearts well always
know deep down love is stronger then
some broken up words
you've never given up, you've never let go
you've fought when the chances were none
but you came out of that heart operation
& brought that hero of mine home
and still today your walking with your head held high
Today is your day to shine
even if the sun doesn't come up, that smile of yours can bring
happiness thought out this town
We may not show the love we have for each other
like we use to thought out the day
but never forget that my heart would never
stop loving the women who give
me life
without a mothers love
i would be the young women i am today

The author's comments:
A poem sorta that i wrote for my mom for mothers day
not the best but just thought i put it on
thanks if you did read it
let me know whatcha think?

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