Lies of Voracious Eloquence

May 14, 2010
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With the grace of a thousand kings you glide across the floor
Hidden in shadow, quiet as breath
Beneath a cloak of insecurity the heat of your skin ascends,
the sound of your heartbeat resonating in your ears
You are hiding, but I can see you
Your eyes are closed but I see beneath the lids,

I’m breaking the barricades
You are quiet, but I can hear you
The quiet steady rhythm of your heart pounding,
pounding against my thoughts like thunder
You disguise your scars, but I feel them
I pain for you, I suffer for you
You shield your wounds, but I would bleed for you if you were to ask me to

Little did I know even without question it would be done
It was an unspoken promise between you and I,
Implicit words melted deep into my skin
with the thickness of oil, the penetration of acid
burning with an intensity generated by your absence
They withered beneath the weight of your error,

Wilting like roses without water beneath a searing summer sun
Release your grip on my lungs so that I might breathe again,
My eyes so that I might see again, my hands so that I might feel again
And my heart, so that I might love again

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