i knew i would need the rain

May 14, 2010
By DarrienDare BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
DarrienDare BRONZE, Columbia, South Carolina
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I knew I would need the rain. The moment I woke up, I knew. I could tell by the clouds and it made me happy that I was not the only one that would fall by day’s end. My spirit began to weaken and The clouds grew more dark. I tried to build myself back up and the sun peeked through. But yet the day wore on. It revealed the on-coming rain, the thing that I knew was so close to arriving. The things I tried to help were over shadowed by the dismal dark of the clouds and the liquid diamonds began to fall. I watched as I exited the building. The tears of the sky fell and so did i. “you always know when I’ll need the rain” I said as I pulled up my hood and stepped into the sorrow so similar to mine. As I made my way deeper into the downpour of drops I closed my eyes and let mine go. i knew I would need the rain.

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