My friend and i, the sky

May 14, 2010
The sky dropped its tears as I looked up with the same need to express. I held up my hands and felt a kinship with the ever expansive canvas of blue. “Don’t cry” I said, “you aren’t alone”. The sky seemed to understand and I cherished the fact that something so old and wise could feel so close to my heart. The thunder bellowed and I hushed the sky’s hurt cry. “Hush, let it out” I said. The lightning struck and told of the sky’s angered words. “Yes” I said, “tell me of your pain and ill in turn I’ll tell you of mine”. The wind whipped at my shirt, bringing with it the sigh the shy gave. “Yeah, feels better right?” I said “you’ll feel much better now”. The rain subsided and the sky went from black to a light gray. “ah, there we are” I said, “now, cherish these moments and revel in them with me” I said as the sky rose me up to the heavens with it.

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