The Lone Wolf

May 14, 2010
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The lone wolf prowls among the forest

Searching for a place to sleep beneath the stars

It slowly makes its way around the tall oak trees

And stops to view the rounded object above the ground—the planet Mars

As it trots along the brown dirt road

Atop the sleeping clans of red ants

The lone wolf realizes it’s near exhaustion

And is kept awake by the natural lamps

The wolf races down the mountainside

Past the sleeping birds and rats

He keeps a distance from a specific species

The mischievous ring-tailed ones with black masks

The lone wolf struggles through the bushes

And is hidden by the large crowd of trees

As he yearns to find a comfortable place to settle

Before the falling of the leaves

The wolf soon finds himself in an open clearing

Alone and without protection

He spots a rotting deer cascaras

The winner of a meat-eating election

Our wolf friend leaps onto a boulder

And overlooks the mighty forest

He can barely see the colorful flowers throughout the woods

Beautiful enough to impress a florist

The wolf again begins his stroll

Between the sky and Earth

Searching for a suitable place

To call his own home, his own turf

The lone wolf stumbles upon a small patch of land

Protected by trees, but not too snug

He says to himself “This is where I am to stay”

And falls asleep on nature’s rug

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BadGirl said...
Dec. 6, 2011 at 11:22 am

I loved this artical!

And I love wolves!

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