"My Special Place"

May 14, 2010
Welcome to my Land of Marvel
A place I have recently left but it is still not gone
My home, my place of everlastingly pleasant imaginations
My house, my property, my grass, and my trees
All of these have been a huge part of me

Sitting upstairs in my red and white wood-paneled fort at the windowsill
I prepare for a battle as if I am Ulysses S. Grant
And wait oh so patiently for the unseen enemies to come marching through the trees
Then I shoot and I shoot them all down with my enchanted bow and arrow
Like a Pharaoh I rule my land and keep it safe from the intruders

I sprint downstairs now that the coast is clear and take the insurmountable trek
That will lead me up to my one and only secret place
An unknown path leading up my mountain
Treacherous as can be
I am the only one who knows the way up

Twists and turn, slips and falls, slides and burns
The thick canopy blocks the sky.
Higher up I go and go
To a place unknown to all but me
Now I have come to the final part of my journey

I come around a bend of brush and weeds
Crawl under the fallen tree.
I bushwhack my way through the underbrush
I’m a bit of a Daniel Boone must I say
I know I have made it when I see the sun bursting through the trees

Here is my final destination-no, I am not talking the film
A boulder of gigantic size, far bigger than me
Of such a lofty size, next to it an elephant would seem puny
This rock, no it cannot budge
It landed on here on Earth a bajillion years ago, here in my backyard

It was here before my house constructed
Even before my parents were born-now, that is a feat
It flew to Earth and landed here, maybe it is from Mars!
I climbed up to the back of it
I sat down and then I read

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