Hello God. Are you there?

May 14, 2010
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Do you see white?
I see white.
Do you see color?
I see none.
Where has all the color gone?
Please, answer me god.
There used to be color in every sewer,
And every field.
Now all I see is white.
White in the nice cars.
White in the nice schools.
White in the big houses.
I guess there is color on the outside of the house.
And on the outside of the schools,
And the cars.
But that color is what takes the abuse.
The rain, the cold, the heat.
The hail, the snow, the torture.
I guess all the color that belongs on the ground had enough.
So they went into hiding.
Back to the sewers.
By choice?
I don't think so.
Where has all the color gone?
Please answer me god.
The only color I ever see now,
Is on the back of my hands.
And the hideous mask that looks back at me in the mirror.
But is it really color?
Or is it just a hybrid made to mess with me?
Please answer me god.

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