May 14, 2010
Sadness is the color of grey sky, lingering over an abandoned house.
It sounds like a crying child as they loose someone close to them.
And tastes like dried up tears.
It smells like the cold morning dew when you wake up in the morning.
It looks like rain falling from the sky.
It makes me feel forgotten.

Sadness is the white color of the funeral home which people wished they didn’t have to go to.
It sounds like sad, beautiful music playing over the speakers.
And tastes like ice cold water.
It smells like red roses over a grave stone.
Sadness looks like a family who is grieving over a loved one.
It makes me feel heart broken.

Sadness is the color of a tree, long forgotten.
It sounds like laughter from the last day with a treasured friend.
It tastes like a mouth watering cookie that will be your last.
And smells like the exhaust from a leaving vehicle that is taking a friend away forever.
It looks like friends saying goodbye.
Sadness makes me feel alone.

Sadness is the fine line between loosing a loved one and happiness.

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