Is It Possible...?

May 14, 2010
By , zimmerman, MN
Is it possible...
To feel so empty?
To feel so insignificant
That you don't want to exist?

Is it possible...
To know such an intense pain?
To see the scars on your body and be reminded
That there is no one who cares?

Is it possible...
To not see your own worth?
To be told over and over
That you don't matter to anyone?

Is it possible...
To feel so unwanted?
To know that everyone out there hated you
And didn't want you around?

Is it possible...
To be holding the gun in your hand right now?
To feel the cold metal of the barrel
Pressed against your skull?

Is it possible...
To wish that you didn't have to do this?
To feel the tears on your face
As you pull the trigger?

Is it possible...
To be reading this if you're dead?

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jesseay09 said...
Jun. 7, 2010 at 5:54 pm
This is very deep its so sad, sometimes I feel unwanted. :(
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