May 11, 2010
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He’s like a drug addict,
addicted to running away and coming back,
addicted to the high life.
Money and young women are his drugs.
Afraid of getting old,
an adulterer .
The pompous,
dark haired,
aged man will never understand agony like mommy and I,
never understand what it’s like to be stabbed with disregard.
Sometimes I hate him,
but not always.
Sinning in the heart of mommy is his forte,
leaving behind the only people who ever understood him.
Addicted to betraying his family.
The outside world continues to capture him with no retreat.
We are just rain on the window shield,
easily wiped away.
Addicted to compelling lies and cruelty,
addicted to anything not us.
We sit and wait for a miracle of conversion of his mind,
but the answer concludes,
it’s impossible to ever cure this heartless man’s loneliness,
for his own soul torments him every day.
He is self-inflicted,
leaving mommy and I alone in our shadowed house.
Abandoning us forever in his heart.
But the life of my family will never be as shadowed as this man’s mind.
Addicted to being a loner,
addicted to selfish thoughts and mommy’s dying belief in love.
Trying to cure his addiction,
but relapsing again and again to his old cravings.
Retreat to the urges daddy,
you will never merge to guiltless anyways.
I know now from your attempts at conversion,
that this is true.
Only horror and sorrow is created by these attempts.
you are like a drug addict.

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