My Sweet Jesus

May 11, 2010
I sit on a flat rock
Lined with winter green moss
I watch the tree branches move and toss
As the wind plays a gentle tune
I look up at the majestic moon
With my thoughts running freely inside my head
I start to think of you my sweet Jesus

Tonight the night is silent and cold
You made the stars that light up the winter night
I hear birds in the distance take flight
The birds start to sing a soft song
And for you I start to long
You are my sweet Jesus

I know that you are always with me
My love for you runs far a deep
I know you will look after me when I sleep
For you I always think of
And you I will always love
You are my sweet Jesus

I know that your love runs a deep as the oceans
I cannot wait to be face to face with you
And go to the golden gates that I will walk through
You are like my sun
And I know I will see you when my job is done
You are my sweet Jesus

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