May 11, 2010
Oh, Allergies
How persistent you are
Some admire such durability
Some call it darn stubbornness
We've become quite close, haven't we?
I almost can't remember what I look like without you
The puffy eyes
The red nose
It takes teamwork to this pull off
Plunging into the tissue box
Is our favorite thing to do together
Bonding over chapstick and a dry nose
Is the highlight of my day
I look out at the balmy spring afternoon
Venture out
Frolic in the clovers, wink at the bee
Sprinkle a handful of pollen in the mix
And Thou doth protest too much
Jealousy is your little idiosyncrasy
That quirky little explosion from my nostrils
Is a little annoying
We can go to counseling for this

Talk it out
If only you'd listen
Don't take it personally
But I have a new best friend now
And it has a child resistant cap

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