Street Tribes

May 12, 2010
By , Olathe, KS
Walking down the sidewalk of the treeless jungle,
I fight for my life everyday.
Not knowing when I will feel the white hot venom of a bullet lay
inside of my body.
I fight through the rows of bodies with my blood-covered machete,
As I hear the battle cries of warriors.
Their faces marked with the color red or the color blue.
The tribal war is subsiding
and the streets are littered with bodies
that the vultures will eventually pick at day by day.
In the midst of the heaps of bodies,
i kneel and pray.
God please forgive me for the many men I have killed today.
And if I die before I sleep,
I pray to you,
my soul to keep.
As I stand to my feet,
I feel the cold metal of a gun rest on the back of my neck.
Now I rest on the cold concrete with a blank stare just like the rest of them.
***Poetic Mindstate

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