Where i come from

May 12, 2010
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I come from
A dead end,
Ten kid road.
With baseball at every home and
Swing sets in every yard.
I’m from white rock driveways.
I’m from basketball games,
From dawn till dusk.
I’m from white picket fences,
With pink rosebud trees.
I’m from picking up walnuts,
Then running away from
Squirrels throwing them.
I’m from a one pool house,
With sprinklers everywhere else.
I’m from slip n’ slides,
Snow in the eye,
And pumpkin pie.
I’m from trampolines breaking,
Sun burn baking,
And earthquake fakin’.
I come from red and orange leaves,
To polar-bear-white snow.

I’m from New Year’s Eve,
Sickly disease,
And ear surgery.
I’m from tree forts
To snow forts.
I come from Mario and Luigi,
With of course Princess Pea.
I’m from Harry Potter and sticks.
I’m from purple flowers,
That you weren’t allowed to pick.
I come from watching lightning storms
From the garage,
And breaking into the house.
I come from my mom yelling at me
To clean my room,
But hey, I’m a tomboy,
That’s who I am, and
That’s where
I’m from.

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