good times good times

May 12, 2010
By chanaenae BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
chanaenae BRONZE, Davisburg, Michigan
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Remember in 8th grade when I invited
You to my church lock-in, that was the
Night we became best friends.

In the summer you were my roommate
For the D.C trip and you had me try
Sushi for the first time and when the room
We jumped on the beds.

Remember in 9th grade we both
Shard our poem books with each other
That no one had ever read before and you
Had a problem that I tried to help you with.

The in dance class when Ms Kristen made a dance
About her when she was going through tuff times
And how powerful the dance was to us and that we danced
It like o other. That was the best dance ever.

On your 16th birthday remember when I gave you
3 raw eggs n pickles and u drop one
And everyone was laughing. Best present ever.
Then we want to club inferno and all the guys were
Video taping us.

The summer going into 11th grade all we did is
Make videos, dance videos, music videos, movies, and clips.
Like “something I can never have” best one ever but
Vary depressing though.

Remember when we would lay on the trampoline
For hours at night talking and looking at the stars
And seeing so many shooting stars.

The time in my basement when we were video taping
Us doing what ever we were doing and you hit Sam with a
Baby doll in the face “hahaha lol” and left a pump on her

Now what happened we don’t really even talk anymore?
Last summer wasn’t all that good we didn’t hang out,
I think we grown apart from each other hopefully

Before we graduate we can become best friends again
Like it was before.

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