False Reality

May 11, 2010
You hear what I say,
but I'm so disconnected,
I feel like my words are hiding away.

When I throw myself to you,
I feel alive,
the after shock is there for a moment or two.

What He did for me is harder to comprehend
than life itself,
so why I can't I see, with Him I'll never see an end?

I don't understand,
I can't surrender unless,
but more than anything, I love this mysterious man.

Even if I see proof,
nothing will make me see,
until I see -
but would I say that if I didn't believe?

I worry and I wonder,
but when I get plunged in I feel,
though I step back to see my fear of what comforted me as a child - louder than the thunder.

Pull me under and don't let me see,
because to trust I can't understand it all,
for that will come in the end, but only if I can give myself and let you take me,
without the fear of false reality.

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