May 11, 2010
I need to breathe,
if only I could remember how.

I need to go outside and see the sun because I don't know what it looks like anymore.

We need to yell,
we can't survive living inside ourselves any longer.

I need to cry,
nothing could leave me more satisfied.

I need to pray,
God will embrace me in his arms,
while Jesus will whisper that it's ok.

I need to fight,
run and never look back.

We need to love,
for nothing else is more powerful.

I'm scared
of something I'm not sure of.

I'm tired,
and it's only my fault.

I'm angry,
but I've only been influenced by you.

I'm shaking
only from the feelings I'm drowning in.

I'm overwhelmed,
from you,
from me.

I don't feel any better,
after doing what always did it.

Maybe that was all a lie.

Maybe it's all a lie,

I just need to breathe,
if only there was enough air.

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