Mother Bird Protecting Her Nest

May 11, 2010
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Lying beneath the sky,
Beneath the trees,
Under the birds,
Over the cold ground and all its creatures,
Goosebumps grow and spread throughout my body,
But the sun is so warm.
It is my home.
The bright beauty of its strong rays comfort me like nothing else can.
The rays kiss my cheeks.
Every thought my mind possesses races through my head.
When overtaken by so many thoughts,
My mind cannot even think.
Each soft breeze blows harder than the last;
Tree branches sway back and forth.
Mother is back to the nest.
Her children need her comfort,
For her comfort is like that of the sun.
She feeds her children,
Keeps them warm,
Even if they cannot see her, she will always be there.
The sun is the mother of my nest,
If only I could stay in my home forever.

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