Scars- The Untold Stories

May 11, 2010
By Derek Bundy BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Derek Bundy BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Look around
Do you see it

All the hurt
the pain
the suffering
Do you hear it

All the secrets
the gossips
the lies
It seems like such an innocent thing to all the haters
To all the lovers
To all those that refuse to care
That refuse to care
That refuse to learn

It seems like its just “no big deal”
Or just “a joke”

But what they don’t know
won’t hear
can’t learn

Is that to the people all around them it leaves scars
It leaves wounds
It has a trail of pain following

To those who have no one to talk to
To those without hope
To those that don’t know love

They carry that burden with them
Everywhere they always are lugging that weight on there shoulders


They sit in there room listening to music

They lay on there bed doing there tear stained homework

They refuse to eat so they just play with there food

They down those pills just to stay on top

They smoke those cigarettes just to slow the hurt

They tip that bottle just to forget


They move as though dead, in a haze, just going through the motions

They stock those shelves, ring up that customer, listen to that boss

They live that same monotony; screw up an order could lose a job

They feel that customers burning gaze for not helping fast enough

They sense the disdain poring out of those rich kids coming for pop

They clock out and know that all that’s waiting is more of the same


They walk in late almost hearing what people are thinking

They sit to take the test knowing the teachers pity

They go to the office, to many lates, parking revoked

They see their grade, hard work for what a barely passing grade

They move on look at the clock its not even second hour

They start it all again same cycle new people new teacher

They come with scars lining there wrists
They come hoping for someone different
They come with hearts torn open
They come longing for anyone’s acceptance
They come for a break from the usual
They come because they want someone
To take the time to know them

To learn their story
To want to be there for them
To have shoulders that will always be there

To love them

They came with scars
They leave with scars

Our job is to do our part not to make anymore scars

Our job is to not cause any more suffering

Our job is to love them all

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