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May 11, 2010
In life it seems that love flies on cupid’s drunken arrow,
We are given no choice as to where it lands,
We are offered no notice, no explanation,
It's as if the god of lose is sitting in her castle, on her throne of clouds,
Looking down casting her glare, guiding it telling it where,
The shock and awe will never be a feeling one gets used to,
But rather something you are forced to grow with,
Love does not choose you, you choose it,
The ability of chose allows you to pick your love, to give love, to reciprocate love.
Love is not something that can be bought,
But rather it is something that is priceless,
Love knows no boundaries,
It’s like a disease; it will find its way into you veins, your lungs,
It will eat at your mind until you just accept it.
There is not a path too long or an ocean too wide that love cannot reach.
Love is something the body needs in order to survive,
It keeps the heart beating, letting you know you're still alive,
Love can be overwhelming, love can hurt,
It’s the lessons that you let love teach you,
That shows you life’s worth,
Love will eventually conquer all,
It will pull you towards love,
Allow love to be the ruler of your heart,
Let it show you where to find love,
Don’t take love for granted,
Don’t use love as an excuse to try and make a wrong a right,
Let love be on your side,
Let it show you life’s many splendors,
Let it take you on countless journeys
Respect love; use it only if you mean it,
Don’t just fall in love, be in love
Preserve its true meaning,
Don’t make the word hollow, keep its existence, and let love really mean something,
Your love should not be something that you give to everyone,
Be stingy with you r love, not everyone is worthy of it,
But don’t be afraid of love, love will show itself to you
If you know how to love, love will find you and you will know.

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