The Spills of the Heart

May 11, 2010
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I feel like you’re here, even though you are there.
As I sit taking in this sweet smelling air,
Memories of you race through my mind
Sending my heart into a whelm of happy scenery
The comfort and warmth of your once heart fulfilling love sends a smile to my face and a glow within my soul.
Not having you sitting by my side is so strange but I know your love is always there and a part of me.
Whether you realize it or not, you are always in my heart.
Through everything,
even the good and the bad.
As I watch the waves roll across the sand repeatedly,
I remember my love for you even stronger;
more forceful.
Crashing into my heart like the waves upon the shore.
I know always and forever, my love will never die for you.
No matter where life takes me or where God himself takes me, or us.
I know you are always there a part of me; somewhere.
Cheering me on like you have always done and making me smile.
All you have done for me is an endless list.
A list that stretches beyond the miles of sand.
Showing me that anything is possible if your heart is in it.
Just like the coral reef beneath the sea.
Moving forward without you is like trying to live without part of your heart.
We may be a part, but that will never stop what is in my heart.
I may be moving forward, but I’m walking slowly so you can hopefully catch hold of my hand one day and walk with me.
Doing what you always have did best.
Loving me for me and letting me be myself.
Wacky, emotional, and all.
One of you is hard to find,
And I am truly glad you were mine.
No one can understand you better than the person that shares your heart.
Whether together or apart.
Love is always everlasting,
Only if it is endless.

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jesseay09 said...
Jun. 6, 2010 at 8:26 pm
I loved it reading this makes me want to cry.
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