May 10, 2010
By annabellea17 BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
annabellea17 BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Nature is wild and its wonderful
unpredictable and majestic
adapted and fantastic
and completely on its own
nobody tells nature how, when or why
but somehow, among the plants and the animals
it figures out on its own…
we’ll never quite know
why they do what they do
or how they figured it out…
but they did,
and their discoveries,
their adaptations…
are fantastic
animals explore the great unknown…
all on their own.
many wonder solo
and some in packs…
no matter how an animal wonders… it does
and like the great saying says
“not all who wonder are lost”
and our fuzzy, scaled, furry, and sometimes slimy friends
prove that saying
so true…

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