To My Marine

May 10, 2010
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What do I have to say to you
To make you understand
You’re more to me than family
And as you take me by the hand
You tell me you know what you want
What you want to do
I tell you I don’t want that
And that you know I’ll miss you

Yes your fierce and brave
But inside it makes me cry
I can’t imagine you not here
Or the thought that you could die
So please stop torturing me now
Before I lose my mind
Because when you come back home
I’ll be here for you to find

Please tell me you’ll be careful
And even as you fight
Remember me here at home
Thinking of you each night
I know you want to protect us
But can’t you do that here?
I don’t want you to go!
How can I make that clear?

It might not be what you want
But still its there for me
It won’t change forever
Even if we’ll never be
I won’t make promises that I won’t keep
But to you, I’ll say it true
No matter what happens there
Remember that I love you

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