The Cold

April 29, 2010
By BrokenUnbroken PLATINUM, ...., New Jersey
BrokenUnbroken PLATINUM, ...., New Jersey
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The wind is blowing,
I stand there,
Tears falling down my cheeks,
Filled with lost hope and fear,
I am freezing,
On this cold, cold night,
I am walking down the street and look in the glass,
And see this dark figure looking back at me and think about the past,
I’ve always been this cold, and heartless,
The warm in my soul, was gone long ago,
And now I’m standing here wishing I never became cold,

I remember the last time,
I was ever really warm,
And its sad because I think I was only about 10,
And three years later,
Is when I felt it again,

Your just a little boy,
With a heart of gold,
And I’m a lonely girl with one that’s oh, so cold,
There’s something wrong with us,
I tell you,
Even when you not around I feel you there,
And the memories we share
And a thousand laughs,
Are something I know we both cherish,
And never would want to give back,
That’s an understatement,
Because we bring each other smiles,
And opinion to bystanders minds,

Your touch its warm,
And mine is cold,
The warm is what is desperately needed in my core,
Just to be around you,
Sometimes it gets to me,
Because I think to myself,
Maybe that warm is the warm
I’ve always been searching for,
Though when I see you standing there with her,
I know thats where you belong.

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