Glasses or something more?

Glass right in front of me, all the time.
Sometimes clear, sometimes blurry.
Sometimes never even clear at all.
What is it helping me see?
Am I just hiding behind it?
Am I hiding beyond what I think?
I feel like a different person without this glass always infront of me. It's become a part of me and I hate when things gets foggy. Sometimes they give me shade and other times I see over them. I can't see beyond what I'm looking for. Maybe there's just a crack in them or maybe I can't see at all. I see into a world of possibilties.
I see into the possible and impoosible.
I see into the future, past, and present.
If only I could see truth. If only I could see beyond. If only what I am seeing is worth seeing at all, or seeing what I am seeking.
Sometimes I can't believe what I'm seeing at all.

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