Part of Something Bigger

June 1, 2010
My stomach was in knots
Walking into the breathtaking dome
Fans dressed in silver and blue
All around me
With the same elated smile on their face
Heads cocked up to the sky
Taking in the work of art
Standing before us
The calm outside
Nothing like stepping inside
People all around me
Sharing the same happiness as me
When we finally climbed to the top of the steps
Peeking out into the bright light
With the best feeling in the world
Seeing them, finally
Taking it all in
Close to tears with happiness
Breathing in the air
With my beautiful surrondings
Feeling like for once,
I knew I belonged.
When I saw them, running on to the field,
My breath knocked out of me,
In one swoop
Seeing what I came here for
Proud to have their jersey on my back
Feeling as if I was on top of the world
With everyone else around me feeling the same
Like a colony
Of people willing to do anything
To be here
Feeling as if the players were here
Just for me
Playing with all their hearts
Feeling for once,
Part of something,
Bigger, and beatiful.

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