Year In A Day (Remix)

May 12, 2010
By Lyrical_MyStErY GOLD, Ralston, Nebraska
Lyrical_MyStErY GOLD, Ralston, Nebraska
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You force me to do your deeds, only because i don't respect your needs, but why should i when you never even respected me

I Feel like im Running out of reasons,
Why im want you and why i Need you back,
Your on my mind on almost every season,
I feel i need to get things back on track,
So i hijack this train and force treason,
Because My Words are under attack,
Oh only if it was under the Sun,
But through this darkness sunlight barely peaks,
The helish storm has begun,
My Feelings have gone down but i know your the one,
And ill be damn if blood from my heart leaks,
Ill be damn if my heart gets outdone,
Ill be damn to even let darkness speak,
So were have you gone,

Why are my summers left so short,
But the nights i cry are so long,
why do i think of you way too much,
But I hate You, I love you Im not strong,
At heart hell no, it always needs support,
But i can't delete this,
I can't get rid of this,
Even this love has so much that will desort,
It kills me to not be with you,
I love you more then a million doller hotel resourt,
The only way to make everything better,
Is to fix this love, and write this letter.

So as i write my last hope,
I wonder if We can start off extremly slow,
Fix things and Re-Continue This Falling slope,
Because We tried everything and this is all that bestows,
Idea seems so far away but i use a scope,
because im smart and so are you,
Maybe If things don't work out again,
We may be able to break off for good.
But i want to tell you right now we are far from over.
1 year is not that long. Especially for what we have been through.

The author's comments:
Just talking about how time flies by, especially how our love flew by in just one year, its almost like it was only a day we knew eachother

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