May 10, 2010
Dreams and memories float by,
like the stars of a distant galaxy,
undetected and dim.
I reach out my hands and I laugh,
feeling the hot-cold sensation of love and dreams fufilled.
And so they float on,
slowly and wistfully,
down and out of the sky.
She warned me-
they all did-
but I dove into the horizon without remorse.
And now that it's done
and the stars have rejected me,
the comets have spit on me,
and the meteorites have poisoned me,
I cry not for myself, or for you,
but for the stars that burnt out along the way.
I dreampt that you kissed me,
but then the moon smiled at you,
and you drifted to her,
leaving me in my stardust.
I don't want to pull you away-
she shines so much brighter than I do.

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