Brand new girl, Brand new year

May 10, 2010
The night has returned for my soul
She remembers the memories so vividly
though I can only recall the pain
She's singing my favorite song in my favorite key
A mark spreading it's destiny
Beauty crept so slowly on me
And I've grown partial to such apathy
You used to be my exit
falling short of my prophet
Now you're a last resort for head cases like me
For i've found something more satisfying
for my tastebuds
A thing I can't describe without dying inside
A love that's made my future seem bright
Someone who shares a love of the night
as I have for so long
I want to hold on to this...and never let go

To need one like they're the breath in your lungs, it could be a burden
It may be wrong, it may be unjust
but it is this I am certain
This is not the final curtain
simply a prelude to a great play
where I can live for every day
and know that all is not lost even when it feels like the end
Perhaps live a life where I don't have to pretend
Because faking happiness is like spitting in the rain
when the rain has only come to take away the pain
So to be more clear, love is what kept me here on Earth
and it'll be my only way out from here on...whenever things get rough
I'll have to know when enough is enough

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