The Forgotten

May 10, 2010
By Skitty_Kiddy16 SILVER, Rapid City, South Dakota
Skitty_Kiddy16 SILVER, Rapid City, South Dakota
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I used to believe that I could be
something more than the eye could see
But I know deep in my soul
that this was something I had no control
In my heart, I prayed for God, and prayed for miracles, love, and a lightning rod
And throughout the experience, I knew all along
that love would fail me and I would be wrong
for what good can stay when it feels as though love moved away
I could not sleep for fear I'd wake
to the sounds of an earthquake
Hell would swallow me in the epitome
of a concious coincidental tragedy
I know that he would not remember me
endless memories of controversy
That day, I lost a war against myself
and threw all possibilty onto an invisible shelf
Nothing gold can stay in the neverending faith in yesterday
And it was that knowledge that led me astray
leaving me cold with nothing to say
Now I walk narrow streets in a field to nowhere
cheek to cheek with boughs of despair
I left behind the world I knew, before I was left alone in a world without you

The author's comments:
This poem describes the loneliness one might feel when the one they love lets them down. It feels as if optimism is hopeless because as humans, we convince ourselves that we deserve whatever happens to us.

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