when your eyes first met

May 10, 2010
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When your eyes first met from across the room
It’s was like electricity and all you can do it look down and smile
The first few minutes when you pretended to be focusing on something else when all you can really think about is if he is looking at you
When you looked back at him and smile and you felt the butterflies begin to go crazy in your stomach
You see him talking to his friends about you, and you talk about him to yours
The minute you saw him fixing his hair to cross the room and you fixed your clothes, and made sure your hair was perfect
Then when you were in front of each other you knew it felt right from the first hi.
You felt an instant attraction you just can’t fight, but you knew this type and tried not to like him
But he seemed different he makes you laugh and cares about what you think
You had a great time with him and you give him your number
But you wonder if you made a good decision
After a few weeks and dates you heart was still guarded you just wouldn’t let him in
You broke it off telling him you just don’t want anything serious
The weeks following you felt miserable and you can’t think of anything but his eyes
You don’t feel that spark with anyone else
When you were taking a walk you felt blue and was just thinking about him
You let out your hair and looked a few feet away and there he is
You smiled with such joy in your heart to see him
He walks up to you and your eyes met at that moment you felt a surge of electricity between you again
He smiled and grabbed your hand and told you he couldn’t stop thinking about you, at that moment you felt the walls of your heart crumbling down
He kissed you and you realized he is the spark that you missed
You realize you’re falling for him and you will never have that spark with anyone else, and it all started when your eyes first met.

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