May 12, 2010
There comes a time to do it on your own
It’ll finally be my time to leave home
I know you dread that day
But I’m not going to be far away
I’ll visit you all the time
I’ll still be you little sun shine
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me
Im sorry if im not exactly what you want me to be
I admire how you wok all day and still shine your best
Not until everything is done for us do you rest
It’s going to take a lot to repay you
But I’ll do the best I can do
I’ve put you threw way to much s***
I know you didn’t deserve it
Like you took care of me I’ll take care of you
Maybe I’ll get you a ton of mountain dew
When you’re old I’ll stand by your side
Holding your hand smiling with pride
No one can amount to,
Just how much, mommy, I love you.

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