May 12, 2010
By , inverness, IL
I am the splash of the waves as they crash into the rocks
I am the sand that burns the delicate skin of my feet
I am the man who swims alone- a mere speck in a sea of endlessness
I am the sun, whose deadly rays lure me in like a stranger’s sweetest candy
I am the fish, once flapping freely, now misplaced among the crates and boxes
I am the octopus, elegantly draped overhead

I am the fragrant olive tree that bends and gently grazes my shoulder
I am the ripe fig, whose bright flesh rips open to reveal a shocking red center
I am the clumsy goat, slipping and sliding as he climbs the edge of the mountain
I am the coarse hair of the donkey, scratching at my roasted skin
I am the lemon leaves, whose waxy shine acts as a mirror
I am the hazy blue mountains in the distance that wait for me

I am the cat who lingers at my chair, begging with her eyes
I am the ripples of the ocean beneath me as I eat
I am the people that crowd the narrow streets, moving like a herd of lazy sheep
I am the street vendors whose angry exchange of words soothe my ears like a perfect melody
I am the neon that glows in the night, a most peculiar pairing with the aged stone that proudly stands above
I am the greedy driver; his obnoxious voice is all too familiar
I am the thick air that creeps up through my nose, filling my lungs with suffocating warmth
I am all of these things that wait for me- they are my home.

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