The Mystery Man

May 12, 2010
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As he walks into the room he stops and stares.
His baby blue eyes glisten like a beautiful sky
His smile glows like the bright sun and his laugh is the sound of an angel
His shaggy blonde hair still as a board lies upon his head

The facial expressions he makes are cute as a button
He says nothing but his eyes say everything
When he does speak his voice makes your heart melt like a volcano
His smooth suntanned skin dazzles in the light

Through his quietness his personality cries out
His black monster hoodie and his nike shoes tell everyone hes the average guy
To Me and from what i see he is absolutely amazing
This 5'11 young boy stands and stares in amazement

He is as quick as a cheetah but sly as a fox
His body language is happy and excited as a new puppy meeting a friendly person
He exits the room silently so nobody can hear, but he notices a beautiful girl across the room watching him as he makes his exit
He stops and turns to her with his smile as bright as the sun at the beach and walks towards her and sits down.

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