May 12, 2010
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You know what we both wanted.
You know we wanted you.
But you chose her, and give her an umbrella,
But left me standing there with nothing, in the downpour.

You only look in your own little box,
Not seeing anything on the outside,
You couldn’t see me on the other side,
Wishing, wanting, hoping.

I remember the day I learned about you two.
You meant to tell me, but chickened out,
And left me to the mercy of the boys who’ve already heard,
Just waiting to rub it in my face.

You have no idea how much I hurt that day.
How those words sounded from someone else,
My brain saying, no, it’s not possible.
Yet, I know what he says is true.

All that time you were with her,
I kept hoping, hoping, hoping,
Only to be let down.
Time and time and time again.

Like that one horrible day,
That was meant to be for fun.
The party where you showed affection for her,
And made my heart c-r-a-c-k.

I was filled with anger that made my blood boil.
I cursed you for becoming the wedge in one of the
Most important friendships I have,
That you were drifting us apart.

Then, you crossed the line.
You broke her heart along with mine.
Two hearts side by side,
Now battered and worn—thanks to you.

She was choking on pain,
And I choked with her.
And you, with your mindless words,
Only make things worse.

Not much time has passed,
Yet you act like nothing…ever…happened.
You act like you own this world,
Act like everyone knows who you are.

You broke my heart,
Broke her heart,
And left us with nothing to relieve
Ourselves of this pain.

Why can’t you see?
Your blind actions are making our dislike,
And turning it into hate.
Anyone who makes hate is a cruel person in this world.

Yet what makes this so hard,
Is that not only do I still like you as well as hate,
But I also like one who’s a copy of you on the outside,
But brighter on the inside.

You cause nothing but pain.
You cause nothing but broken hearts.
Why are you so condescending?
You’re way out of your league.

I know I’ve said this several times by this point,
But this time I can say it without regrets or pain.
And so here it is:
Good-bye, and may your actions catch up to you later in life.

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Egyptiangirl13 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 30, 2010 at 5:53 pm
wow!!! i love especially the fist stanza and the last line!! what a great way to end it!!! awesome job!! please check out some of my work when you get the chance!!
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