Check Mate

May 7, 2010
Why do we?
Human of all the creaters
Curse the one gift given to us
The only thing that keeps us here
Should we not love her?
Charish her above all?
Why then do we polute the world?
Kill our brothers
Slaughter our sisters
Forget mothers
Disown fathers

Their reason
The food chain?
Survival of the fitist?

All exuses for our
Childlike ways

Would you like it if someone
And pulled apart your home?
The place you love and know
Take your land?
And for what
To make space
For more monsters

We should be embarresed
Our sivblings have feelings
They hurt as we hurt
They grieve as we grieve

They have a
But a future that is in the hands
Of selfish siblings
That were gifted with a knowlage
That they choise
To use as a wepon
Did we not all share the earth once?

Were we not respectful of eachother?
Taking only what we needed
Leaving life
Gibing back what we took

People say
“We need to survive”

Aren’t we thriving
Like a weed with
And rich soil

What whould we tell the creator
When he finaly shows his revered face
‘Your children are dead, sorry’
How would he take that?
A few enlightened use the gift for wonders
Trying to fix
What so many
Have dystroyed

You can try to retend
What I say is not true

Hopefully oneday
Know that I speak truth
With my heart
I speak to save all we endanger
The signs are here
And the people who ignore the signs
Hurt us
And so many others

They were once our family
Now they are pieces on a board
Ready to be taken off one by one

When the time comes
And our piece
Is gone
It is us who make cheak mate

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