I Am Fron

May 7, 2010
By Anonymous

I am from four wheelers,
That sling mud on a hot summer day
I am from softball,
The time when I stole home, and almost got out
I am from singing in the car
I am from pom poms and skirts
I am from CRAZY friends,
That do CRAZY things, for CRAZY reasons
I am from an abusive father,
That has never been there for me,
I am from crying when someone lets me down but yet I'm so used to it
I am from a baby sister,
Getting all of the attention
I am from trying so hard,
Not to get in trouble but I still do no matter how hard I try
I am from a little town,
That no matter hard I try to get Noticed I never do
I am from a confusing and complicated life,
That I just wish could be easy...

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