The Battle Field in Class

May 7, 2010
Sitting in class waiting for freedom,
One boy sits nervously, a practitioner of martyrdom,
All peasants sit idly listening to feudal lord,
In essence, everyone is voraciously bored,

Voraciously, yes as in the term hungry,
No one has had the breakfast, sadly,
They sit waiting for the overlord to tick 12,
They groan and moan and lay there and dwell,

The overlord ticks 11, only one hour left,
Students get restless, bouncing in the desk,
The overlord turns to the number 12,
Freedom is achieved at last,

Peasants run out screaming: “Libertad!”,
One peasant stays behind because he was bad,
The knight comes to the room to give punishment,
The peasant pleas that he did not mean it,

The feudal lord takes the desk and throws,
It across the room, the desk goes,
And hits the knight, enraged she picks a fight,
Although typically bright, the knight uses fight or flight.

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