Long Hours of Darkness

May 7, 2010
By Anonymous

Scars that came from your own knife and wounds that could never heal throughout the out the years.
Wrath that bled out and caused fears,
Can never be forgotten in a while.
Now your diminished wrath you stand here in this blood bath.
Your sorrow,
Your regret.
Like the burning gaze of twilight
Together both our wounds will heal tonight.
As long as you stay with me in my dreams and keep me from my screams.
Scars fading away and burns the light by day,
Ending your nightmares.
And even though you've inflicted my wounds,
I still look into your eyes with lit flames while our souls fly.
A million tears drained.
A sky of sorrow rained.
We walk among the afterlife.
We run along the living,
Beg for the forgiving.
In the long hours of darkness wounds that inflicted this pain as we run through the shadows.

The author's comments:
I wanted to do something that stood out and made people think. The subject of this poem may seem somewhat complex (and I like to leave the interpretations to the readers). Gothic literature really appeals to me, so this in essence is the genre of this poem. It tells, pretty much, a shorter, more free verse version of what would be a tragic horror story.

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