The Cover-Up Girl

May 7, 2010
By vballgirllyy BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
vballgirllyy BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Ashlynn walks through the smelly
high school, smiling at every
person in the
hall, nobody can break
her down her wall
was built to strong
so she thought
only a select few
would break her
down because
they could see
past all her broken
pieces that were
all glued back into place
and use it against her
the wall built
way to high, nobody
had yet obtained
the height
but yet it seems
no one person
has ever really tried
all that much
except for one

One guy to full of life,
big hearted, non push over
type of guy except
behind his walls
are all many
fractures the cracks
anyone could easily
fill in with lies
if dug deep
enough ones that
could truly hurt
Ash ones that could
possibly break her if
heard in the right way

All her friends
Searching for all
the negatives in
their life saying
“nobody wants you
two together and
will do anything to
keep you from each other”
as the “queen bee” of
all b****es says texting
Ash’s boyfriend she
never leaves him alone
setting him up
to look like the
real jerk
the one who doesn’t
care, that he’s just using her,
who with every sentence
lies, no truth could ever
sweep through his mouth
but its all part
of her plan
to wreck the
one good thing
in Ash’s broken
world and
forever pain Ash

The author's comments:
This a piece that is very near and dear to me

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