The Best Week of the Year

May 21, 2010
By , Osceola, WI
Sweat is pouring out of me and my legs have fallen asleep
I have been sitting in the car for hours
The sun is shining and the air conditioning isn’t working
The car comes to a halt and we are not at our final destination
My mom peruses the store and gets the final items
The tires screech when we pull away from the store finally
And our brakes squeal when we finally reach our destination
I hop out of the car and take a refreshing breath of the cool air
The memories come rushing back to me
My mom boisterous yell tells us we need to unload the car
Once we are done, we sprint down to the beach
I listen to the water splash and my brother scream “CANNONBALL” as he hits the water
As I walk through the coarse sand
The air smells like blooming flowers and pine trees
I sniff the air and smell the burning charcoal grill and know it is time to head back
I run back to the cabin and see the blazing coals
The smell of the steak makes my mouth water
The steak is sizzling and falls apart in my mouth
The watermelon is watery and soft
The next couple of days my life revolves around the lake
My dad likes to whip the tube around
And I do flying acrobatics until I slap the water when I fall off
I relax and listen to the peaceful sounds
Finally the best week of my summer comes to an end.

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