Angel's Don't Cry

May 7, 2010
I can’t control how you feel
But if I could for just a moment or two I’d tell you not to be sad
not to let things like this take away from your joy and your happiness,
feel confident and keep your head high this is life and with out mistakes or problems like this how do you expect to get by,
these problems build character and they teach you a lot so don’t be upset and just stop and think
I can’t control what you do
But if I could for a moment or two I’d tell you that you’re confident,
And in control
You’re the girl I have grown to know as STRONG,
So don’t for a minute think of ever giving up don’t let it get you emotions messed up don’t let it take you from happy to sad don’t you dare think of going back
I can’t control how you react
But if I could for a second or two I’d tell you to just move on and start new
I can tell from the tears that keep coming and coming that it is hard
And as a friend that’s seen you cry before that it is hard for me to, to see you like this it’s just as bad as what you’re going through
Because I love you and I care
I don’t like that this is something that is gift rapped with tears
I want it to stop right now and right hear
I can’t control anything in your life but I wish I could
I wish I could put things in there place and make them perfectly fit
And have no mistakes I want to make you smile so big it makes all your problems just disappear I want to make you happy because
Angels shouldn’t cry

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Egyptiangirl13 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 16, 2010 at 9:36 pm
 wow! this is so touching!!! i hope that she gets better!!! please tell her that a girl named lexi wants her to get better!!! Please check out some of my work when you get the chance!!
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