Fake Smile

May 10, 2010
By , Belmont, NH
As I cut into the smooth flesh or my arm,
I think about hoy much it stings with each swipe,
And how weird it is that I like the pain.
As I wipe the blood away,
I stand there wishing I could do the same with memories,
He tore my world apart.
Sometimes I can't bear to eat,
Everything reminds me of him,
I can't stand to move,
Not even a limb.
I slowly move around all day,
Doing as I'm told,
Because of him, I'm no longer bold,
With a fake smile upon my face,
All because his heard was cold,
I no longer have control.
As I walk through my bedroom door,
I go straight for the blade,
All because during that one moment,
Memories seem to fade,
But they soon come back,
Bringing with them screams of pain, and uncomfortable shame.

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